Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Setting the table

Yesterday I shared my quick and simple decor with the chalkboard tub filled with fall goodness for our kitchen table. Today, I wanted to share my budget friendly decor for our formal dining area where we will be feasting on Thanksgiving day. I've been very inspired by Pottery Barn this fall and used their fall catalog for the inspiration for our Thanksgiving table
I love the simplicity, the texture, and the warmth that many of their set ups exude. I have set upon to give my table a similar feel but on a budget friendly dime :)

First things first, off to the dollar store to grab a glass hurricane cylinder and a glass sundae cup. Next up, off to the Hob (Hobby Lobby) to load up on some fall foliage which is now 80% off people!!!!!! Seriously, run don't walk to your nearest HL and load up on some fall goodness. (If there is any left, because I have seriously horded this from the 2 nearest Phoenix locations ;) And when I was there, let me tell you- I was not the only one hording- wink ;) :)
Ok, now we have 'our goods' let's get to work. I started by flipping the sundae glass over, applying an epoxy, and then placing the glass hurricane on top. When that was drying, I added some blingage to our chandelier (found the chandelier crystals on clearance when I was @ HL) I love these things...a simple magnet= some serious C-U-T-E bling. Ok, by now the epoxy is dry, so I flipped that baby over, filled with dried pinto beans, and then stuffed my fall foliage inside
Whatcha think?? I'm pretty much loving it! I was originally going to purchase some fresh floral and place those inside a hallowed out pumpkin for our Thanksgiving table but decided to go this route because it was cheaper, and I can now use it year after year...score :)!
Now this is what I call fall fashion on a cost=about $5.00!!!!!

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The Autocrat: Haley said...

Fall fabulous! I love using beans too.