Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Whew, the littles and I were battling a cold this past week...all better now though :)

Now that we're all better, we've been 'Fall-afying' the house. Next week, we will be hosting the first Thanksgiving in our new home- SO excited! In typical fashion, I have been tackling the never ending 'to do' list to get ready for the holiday. My first task has been to fashion our tables for the holiday. Although we will be feasting in the dining room, I wanted to add some festive decor to our kitchen area as we'll be eating there on Wed. evening when our guest arrive. I browsed around the house to see what I could use from things we had laying around and well wouldn't you know, I found this old (well it's actually new) but old in the fact that I had purchased it a couple years ago from the Goodwill, garden tub. It was hunter green which doesn't exactly go with our decor so I decided to use chalkboard paint (big surprise, I know ;) Wink. I figured it would be fun to change out messages through out the year and then fill the tub with seasonal decor to match the season. For Thanksgiving I added a scripture (Psalm 136:1) and filled the tub with gourds, pumkins, pine cones, and other fall goodness.

I'm diggin it :)

In other news, the Christmas cards that I wrote about in my previous post have already been ordered and delivered! I ordered the cards from Shutterfly on sat. night and they were on our door step today!!! We are thrilled with the way they turned out- the best Christmas card we have ever had (of course having our littles in the pics. with us, makes it that much sweeter). Here are some of the pics. we used on our card:

Photos by Amanda Chandler Photography

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Nike@ChooseToThrive said...

Love the planter box in black! And the scripture is perfect -- one of my favorites!