Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Sweet surprise

I have always loved TJ's but man talk about customer service!! What a great way to brighten my day.

The next day (my actual I awoke to a beautiful bouquet of roses that were delivered to my doorstep (care of my best friend who is currently across the world in the middle of the ocean as a lead singer for Holland America cruise lines).So, so sweet for her to think of me even though she is literally across the world! The day was as great as can mom and dad traveled from Cali. to AZ to celebrate and made it to my house at around noon. That evening mom and dad took us out to celebrate (I choose to go to Mimi's of my fav. restaurants ;). David had to work late so he met us at the restaurant- When he arrived he was toting the most beautiful bouquet of red roses I have ever seen.I was spoiled by all the beautiful flowers, many sweet bday phone calls/emails/and wishes and even more so to spend it with the people I love hub, my daughter, and mom and dad. This years bday was especially sweet to me as last year Makayla was in my belly but this year I actually got to hold her in my arms (my wish did come true when I blew out my candles last year ;).

The next day (Fri) my mama worked ALL DAY long on this spectacular piece of yumminess...
Many people ask me where I get my craftiness runs in the blood!! The cake was just as yummy as it looks. Such a sweet way to end a very sweet!

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