Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Makayla is 7 months old!

26" 15lbs. 4oz.

* Developing her motor skills A LOT. When I place her in her exersaucer, swing, or playmat gym she is constantly grabbing and manipulating the toys- she knows how to push all the buttons, pull the tabs, etc.

*Sleeping in her crib all by herself! This is a biggie because she has been in our bedroom with us since she was born. I thought that it may be a tough challenge but I'm pleased to report, it was easy peasy :). One day I just put her in and to my surprise she just rolled over and went to sleep. She adores her crib- even is she isn't tired when I put her down she'll sit in there and entertain herself.
*Celebrated her great-grandmother's 95th. Birthday! She took her 3 road trip out to Cali. the beginning of August and was able to be with Grandma Stoughton to celebrate her 95 years of life...what a Blessing!

* Is entertaining herself in the exersaucer. A HUGE thank you to my friend Michelle who has graciously allowed us to borrow this among countless other things- You are a lifesaver Michelle :)!

*Watched Cinderella for the 1st. time :). She is really starting to take in the movement/colors on the tv. She especially seems to enjoy Disney movies (that's my girl for sure!)
*Had her 2nd. play date with Zachary. It was so fun to watch these lil kiddos play together; Makayla was quite the flirt and particularly enjoyed putting her hands in Zachary's mouth and sucking on Zachary's fingers.
What a joy to share in first time parenthood with one of my closest friends, Tracy!
*Had her 6 month pics. taken. We had to attempt these in 2 different photo shoots because she was a bit moody the first time around. She still refused to crack a smile the second time around but regardless, I think we still managed to get some great shots.
*Started rocking front to back. When I sit her up or sit her in something she rocks A LOT..I think it's her attempt at trying to get scootin and move.

*Continues to add new foods to her repertoire. She is now eating;
peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, pears, avocado, cantaloupe, apples, banana, and oatmeal.

*Is sitting at the table with mommy & daddy while sitting in her own chair- Great.grandma Stoughton bought her this high chair...it's come in great use! Not only does it allow her to sit at the table with us, but it also allows her to hang out with mommy in the kitchen while I'm making dinner, etc. She loves being a part of the action.
*Saw her 1st. rainbow- What a beautiful reminder of Gods promise to us
We love you baby girl- You bring such joy into our lives! You are a miracle and we love you

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