Friday, September 10, 2010

3 years and counting

I had no idea that my work was going to be published in this years issue of Somerset Studios, Holiday and Celebrations. I had sent a box of my art work in around April but unlike the past few years I never heard back from them in regards to my work being published. It is always such an honor to have my work published especially to be included in this particular publication for the past 3 years and running :). The piece they published was this Such a fun and easy project! I have many more vinyl pumpkin projects up my sleeve for this year (will share very soon :).

Here are some vinyl pumpkins I have made the past few years....
**Sorry about the photos not showing up when I originally posted this**


Anonymous said...


Your kindness was published on my heart many years ago. Makayla and daddy say way to go mommy!
David Scott Mellstrom

Shalet said...

I can't view your vinyl pumpkins.