Sunday, September 19, 2010

Everyday Blessings

I've been MIA as of late because this lil one has been keeping me busy :)!!

A week ago when I was at the women's retreat for church David was watching her. Not only did they spend some quality father/daughter time with one another but D also taught her how to stand (not really but she did start to stand in her crib when I was gone). Now that she has figured out how to stand she is doing it all the time...She pulls herself up on her play gym, toys, and even crawled over to me yesterday when I was on the couch and pulled herself up to a standing position). This lil girl has quite the determination and I fear that she may be walking sooner rather then later.

Not only has her mobility been taking up my time but this past week we have also faced some napping challenges. This last week I started a weekly women's Bible study with our church as well as joined a M.O.P.S group in Chandler. I am so excited about both of these activities as there are so many fabulous women who are deeply rooted in their Faith in the Lord and I know I will not only learn much from them but will also make some wonderful friendships along the way. The challenge these 2 activities present is rest time for my lil sweets; she normally takes a A.M. nap but both of these activities take place during her 'normal' time of rest. Both groups provide a nursery set up where there are cribs for M to rest but she absolutely refuses to close her lids when she is surrounded by other sweet babes and in a new surrounding. I know we will get through it but this week has been a bit of a challenge as a few days she has absolutely refused to rest and of course that subsequently leads to fuss, fuss, and more fuss.

In the moments that my sweets has rested I have been busy crafting some fall crafties that I am so excited to share very soon :). I did get the house fully dressed in its fall fabulousness and will take pics. to post soon-It is all of these wee lil things in my life right now that are my everyday Blessings!

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