Thursday, August 5, 2010

One year ago today

It has been exactly one year since this

The car accident that would change my life forever more. It is by God's grace and His grace alone that one year later I am still alive, breathing, and miraculously holding this sweet miracle.

At the time of the accident I was 3 months pregnant. Two days after the accident I began to hemorrhage A LOT- the Dr.'s at the hospital told us that there was a high probability I would miscarry. Hearing the prognosis was devastating for David and I as we had tried to get pregnant for over 3 years and the thought of loosing this precious miracle was devastating. When we had first decided to seek assistance via fertility specialist, we were told that our chances of conceiving via IVF were 10%. After prayerful consideration we went ahead and attempted the first round of IVF knowing that with God all things are possible...well, wouldn't you know it He placed a little life in my womb as I was pregnant. Needless to say, after the emotional ups and downs with the process of becoming pregnant to hear that this may be taken away was a difficult concept to grasp. Once again, we put our faith in God knowing that He is a sovereign Lord and all things work to His good...His glory. He showed mercy on us as He sustained the life in my womb through the remaining 6 months of pregnancy. It was a test that tested my complete and utter trust in God as I did continue to hemorrhage and face complications in the months ahead.

Finally after months of putting our trust in the Lord He brought our lil miracle into the world on January 24th. of this year...what a precious life changing event! I can not put into words the feeling I felt when I held Makayla in my arms for the very 1st. time..she was Gods grace all wrapped up into a tiny 7lb. 4oz lil body :). The minutes after her birth brought forth yet more trials and more struggles as I began to hemorrhage severely- I was rushed into 3 emergency surgeries to stop the bleeding and yet again Gods grace protected me as the bleed was finally put to rest.

When I look back on all of the events of the past year there is one thing I constantly see- Gods mercy on my life, on the life of my sweet daughter, and His continual grace upon my family. Today I am choosing not to get in a car but rather stay home and reflect on Gods grace in my life and thank Him for life- My life that He has graciously given. I also thank Him for the lives of those around me- my amazing husband, my sweet daughter, my wonderful parents, loving family, and fabulous friends. Life is precious..embrace it and be thankful for every sweet second you have.


Theresa said...

So sweet to look back, remember & again praise GOD for HIS protection over you and Makayla! I loved seeing your trust remain steadfast through all the trials!And today I love looking at your beautiful baby as another picture of God's goodness!! :)

Marta said...

Heather you do not know me but I wanted to tell you that your story (testomony) touched me today! God is great!!!! Blessings to you and yours

The Martins said...

Oh, thank you for these precious words. It is so good to be reminded of God's care for us- especially His care for our greatest need of salvation.