Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Makayla is 3 months old!

I've been a little bad about blogging again BUT with good a good excuse...I've been enjoying EVERY minute with my lil sweet pea and in my free time decorating my craft studio (many pics. to come). Anyhow, I could not let another day go by without writing this post because on Saturday Makayla turned 3 months old!

At 3 Months Makayla is:
23" 12lbs.
*Smiling more and more every day- it completely melts my heart
*Celebrated her 1st. Easter
*Met her Great-Grandma Stoughton (Great-Grandma is 94 yrs. old!)
*Rolled over from her back to her belly
*Is starting to grip things (And boy does she have a grip...especially when it is on my hair!)
*Sleeping wonderfully through the night :) :) :) Yeah...mommy loves sleep!
*Can sit up in her 'Bumbo' chair
*Went on her 1st. road trip to Calif.
*Had her 1st. Party (grandma & grandpa Myers hosted a party in Cali. for the lil princess)
*Watched her 1st. movie- The Little Mermaid (of course ;)...and she loved it! She is so my girl ;)
*Has been putting her hands in her mouth A LOT..she's also slobbering much more
*Shared her 1st. outfit with her mommy (this is the dress that I wore home from the hospital- she wore it for her party in Cali.) Maybe she'll wear my wedding dress someday too :)

Words can not express how much I love being a mommy and how much I love this lil girl!


Filleman Family said...

Wow, I forgot to ask how she did in the car. Impressive! I am so amazed at how well you guys adjusted to making her flexible and hauling her around instead of becoming a shut in like I did with my #1 :) She looks so big in the Bumbo seat . . it is going too fast baby girl!!

Til said...

Awwww, how sweet is she!!! I just enjoyed your little excerpt!!! She is getting so big! You look very happy......Congrats!

Shalimar and David said...

Hi Heather! This is Tracy's friend, Shalimar, from the wedding! I read your blog sometimes and am THRILLED for you and your husband to have been blessed with such a beautiful girl!!! She is so lovely and you are such a great mommie!!!! We, too, are expecting our daughter in 2 weeks. Please keep us in your prayers!! Hello to your wonderful family also!!