Wednesday, March 31, 2010

From 'egg-stra' ordinary to 'egg-xtrodinary'

Looking for a way to dress up those 'blah' plastic eggs- Look no further my friends here are some very easy and quick ways to create some 'egg-xtrodinary' eggs:
The Robins Egg
1. Purchase some cheapo plastic eggs (they sell them everywhere- I picked these up at the dollar store)
2. Gather your supplies (plastic eggs, spray paint in a light blue color, brown paint, and a tooth brush)
3. Spray paint your eggs and allow to dry
4. Now comes the fun, messy part; Take your brown paint and water it down a bit (the more watered down the paint is the more it will splatter). Now take your tooth brush (and not the one you use in your mouth- I'm talking an old toothbrush here friends ;) Dip the brush in the paint and then take your thumb and brush it across the bristles. As your brush your thumb across the bristles the paint will splatter. Continue to rotate your egg and splatter away.
5. 'Egg-cellent' There you have it, some 'Egg-xtrodinary' looking Robins Eggs.

The Egg Ornament
Ornaments are not just for Christmas trees-

Create some fun ornaments using your Easter plastic eggs.
I have this fun 4' Tinsel tree that I like to decorate for all the holidays through out the year, these ornaments are perfect for this tree.
Don't have a tree you decorate for spring? I would imagine most people don't....Take a branch from your garden, place it in a vase, and hang your ornaments from the branch.
'Egg-tra' Bling
Those who know me well, will not be surprised by this project....Bling out your eggs :) I've used both glitter and rhinestones on my eggs and it's fabulous...

Have fun!

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Jason and Lisa said...

You have some really great ideas! Love it!