Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Diaper changing glam style (part 1)

Interesting title to a post, huh? LOL- Who knew that changing diapers now a days could be so glamorous- but with these

Hey why not-

A wonderful friend introduced me to these decorative baby wipe cases a couple years ago and I instantly fell in love. Of course at that time I wasn't a mama (or a soon to be mama) but never the less I realized the importance of ALWAYS having a wet wipe at hand :). Even though I was not in need of a 'clutch' to change diapers I whipped up a few to keep in the car or to have when traveling, because hey- you never know when you need a wet wipe. This wonderful friend and I even created a variety of these cases that we sold at a few boutiques a year ago...they were a hit. Needless to say when I found out I was going to be a mama I quickly went to work on creating my very own diaper wipe clutches :) :). When I was on bed rest back in Aug. after the car accident my mama and I spent one whole day creating wipey cases. I'm sure when it's all said and done I'll have one in every color but for now I thought I would share these; I had 2 dear friends who had baby showers this past week so I decided what better gift to give....hey even though both of these ladies are having boys, mama still needs some bling and to be in fashion, right ;) Besides gifting the wipey cases I tried my hand a 2 new projects- matching/decorative burp clothes and a diaper clutch (to hold diapers). The burp clothes are a cinch but I need some more practice on the diaper clutch as it involves the sewing machine= trouble ;).

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jealeo said...

What a great idea!