Sunday, January 17, 2010

A baby is....

The sweet scent of powder & a kiss on the nose.

Well, the time is a ticking and we're busy putting the final touches on Makayla's nursery :). This is a project that has been in the making for quite some time now- The changing station.

It begun way back in Aug. shortly after my car accident. My sweet mama came out here to help take care of me when I was on bed rest and when she was here we found this-
We found this 'beauty' at Goodwill and scored it for $10 :). Of course I had much bigger plans for this piece then just bringing it home and putting it in the baby nursery. However, since a major part of my plan involved transforming this piece with paint and being that I was prego I had to enlist mama's help in getting this painted. We picked up this sweet color paint at Lowes and begun our task (notice the name of the paint :)- It couldn't be more fitting! After mama put some hard pain staking labor into painting this piece (note- painting furniture when it's 110+ deg. outside is not such a good idea) then it was time for Daddy (David) to put his elbow grease into the project. Some of the edges of the dresser were pretty beat up so I found some great molding that would not only dress up the dresser but also conceal the bruises this beauty had. With the help of his trusty feline, Bella, D. adhered the molding- love it!! In the meantime I had also found some fabulous crystal knobs at no other then HL and decided that adding some knobs would not only serve to make this piece more user friendly but would also help me achieve the shabby chicness I was going for. Now it was starting to look like the changing station I had in mind for our sweet lil girl :)...but not done yet. Whom ever owned this piece before apparently had used it for their baby or child as all the drawers were lined with child themed contact paper- although it was baby themed it had to go. I was going for the shabby chic look so in went this scented floral paper- now were talking. Oh, but wait a second those feet while cute are just not the feminine chicness that this piece needs...some switching out to some queen ann curvy looking feet is just this baby needs- perfecto!
Note- When changing the feet out on a dresser take extra care in making sure those babies are on secure. We went to move the dresser and all the feet broke off :(. But after the meeting of the minds the men got it all doctored up :)

Now that the actual changing table is altered and ready to go it was time to decorate the 'changing station' area. The perfect solution- some drapery that coordinates with her bedding and the rest of the nursery and some vinyl to fill in the area between the top of changing table area and the bottom of the window. This vinyl from Uppercase Living is the exact thing it needed...I'm loving it :). Of course when hanging vinyl it is always important to entrust your trusty feline to make sure that the wording is just perfect- LOL. I swear this kitty is everywhere you turn head- gotta love her :)!!

Well with out further a do here is Makayla's changing station- I can't believe that we will be changing our sweet lil girl's diapers here in as little as 3 weeks!!!


jealeo said...

Simply beautiful!
What an amazing job!
That is going to be one lucky little Princess!

Maryann @ Domestically-Speaking said...

Beautifully done! Your whole nursery looks amazing. Congrats on your upcoming delivery too.