Thursday, January 21, 2010

A tisket, a tasket, a boutique style basket

As of late, I have been in a full on 'nesting' mood :). I just can't seem to stop working on Makayla's nursery, cleaning the house, organizing, and my latest project remodeling what will be Makayla's bathroom. One of the 'nesting' projects I've been working on has been creating some baskets to organize Makayla's toys, linens, bibs, tutu's, diapers, etc. I found these pink fabric cube boxes at Ikea for just the right price (I think they were $6)
I started off with 4 of them that I had planned to place on the bottom shelf of the book shelf in her nursery. Well, 4 turned into 8 as I preferred the look with 4 on each shelf vs. the 2 (besides that allows more storage room for toys, tutus, and all the other girly goods that I know this lil girl will accumulate. While the boxes certainly provided the storage room I was needing there was still something missing- I wanted to make them so they would match her nursery decor. Because I have a huge pile of left over fabric from her crib bedding I decided to incorporate the polka dot fabric along with the chocolate ribbon. The fabric and ribbon was definitely giving me the look I had in mind but I still needed a way to label the boxes so we would know what goodies nest inside. The perfect solution= my cricut and some choc. vinyl :) I am thrilled with the way they turned out and the best part about it, as she gets older and out grows diapers or tutu's (although mama hopes she never outgrows them, the tutu's that it) I can simply take the vinyl off and replace the label with a new label :)
Here is the after=
While the pink cubes were assisting me in getting Makayla's nursery organized I still needed some smaller sized storage to store her little hats, baby bibs, pacifiers, and burp clothes (the pink cubes were just way to large to store smaller items as said). An easy peasy solution= some wicker baskets (again, purchased from Ikea), some choc. brown spray paint, and some quick and easy princess themed labels. When I purchased the baskets they were a light brown color but I really preferred that they were dark to match the choc. brown in the nursery. Enlisting the help of my wonderful hub. he painted them the choc. brown for me...all I had to do was create a cute/fun label fit for a princess to denote the contents inside of the basket-

And last but not least is my version of a $45 boutique style trash basket for the little tikes room. Here is a quick tutorial for you.
Supplies needed= Wood trash can (purchased from Hobby Lobby for $4.99 but then I used a 40% off coupon)
1 package of wood ball feet, paint color of choice, painters tape, wood glue, and a monogram wood letter.

Step 1-
Paint the trash can color of choice. I started out with the light pink. While drying paint the ball feet as well.

Step 2-
Apply painters tape to create stripes and then paint opposing color of choice. My stripes were done with the darker pink paint. Let dry

Step 3- While the paint is drying on the trash can, paint your monogram letter so it can begin to dry as well.

Step 4- Once all the paint has dried on the elements, begin adhering them to the trash can; the monogram letter to the front of the basket, and the 4 ball feet to the bottom.

There you have it an easy peasy boutique style basket for less then $10.00


Filleman Family said...

seriously Heather! I am blown away. Could you PLEASE come spend one month at my house? Oh that's right, you are going to be busy having a baby . . . bummer! :)

jealeo said...

Awesome!!! But that's what we have come to expect from the Queen while awaiting the "Princess"!!! It's getting closer.....

Sandi Barbera said...

That is so stinking cute!!! Your creative juices are on fire girl..

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