Sunday, January 10, 2010

9 months!

OK...the little stork on my countdown ticker (to the right) is getting way to close to dropping off that little babe in the nest!! I can not believe that today marks 9 months- 9 months of God's grace growing and developing in my womb. At first the time seemed to go by so slow but now here we are literally just days before our little girls arrival. We are definitely in baby mode here at our home. David loves to constantly remind me that in less then a month we will probably have a baby right here in our very own home- Wow! I can't even imagine what it will be like but I know it will be the MOST wonderful thing ever!! We prayed for this little miracle for so long and we can not wait to hold her in our arms :).

I guess you can say that I've officially begun 'nesting'- D. and I spent the whole weekend cleaning the house and it seems like no matter how clean we get I can still think of something that needs to be organized or cleaned. I spend most of my time in Makayla's room (it's my fav. room in the house :).

In fact the other day I washed all of her new crisp linens and finished sewing her crib bedding. I am so glad that I decided to bite the bullet and go a different direction with her bedding. You see at first my mom and I found a pink/brown toille bedding set on ebay that my mama purchased for us. I knew that it wouldn't be like the custom sets I had fallen in love with but figured I could doctor it up a bit. The original set we purchased was cute but it still lacked that something that made all the custom sets so perfect.

My resolution...well when spending a few hundred dollars on baby bedding is just not in your budget you have to resort to the next best thing, make it yourself ;) I searched high and low and was finally able to find the fabrics I had in mind from an online fabric store who had fabulous prices. Now the next challenge was creating baby bedding with no pattern (much easier said then done!!!) The completed project is not perfect by any means but it does have the look I was going for. So, after many countless hours of yelling at my sewing machine (true story) I am happy to say that it is complete. Well almost- it won't be complete until our sweet little miracle is sound asleep inside (I know, I know...sound asleep is unlikely but a new mama can dream, right? LOL


Filleman Family said...

just keep telling yourself she will pop out a good sleeper . . it happens :) I can't believe how close you are getting - SO SO SO exciting! Can't wait. Let me know what the doc says this week.

Melissa said...

Beautiful baby bedding!! I definitely think she can come out a good sleeper. :)