Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy March 1st.

I know, I know MIA again...Sorry. My 'grammy bear' passed away a month ago so needless to say my world has been turned upside down :(. I also recently re-opened my Etsy shop and I've been slammed with orders...such a blessing :).

Anyhoo, I just wanted to hop on quickly and say Hi :) I also wanted to share a sweet deal with you; Steph and I are offering a March Madness SALE over at MonMell Designs

If you have a lil' Irish in you or even if you don't but you like to decorate for the holiday make sure to grab some of these babies before they are gone. I must admit, I've never been one to decorate for St.Patties Day but now that we have these Ah-dorable lil' burlap babes from MonMell it got me in the Irish jiggin' spirit, as I've been decorating for St.Pats Day ;) LOL. Here is a peek at the mantle in our family room- I love it...just a hint of Irish lovin' goodness combined with some pops of green. To finish it all off, I added an Irish Proverb to the chalk board- Top O' the mornin' to you ;

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all of it you friend.