Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's Hostess gift ideas- As seen on Sonoran Living ABC 15

Another Christmas has come and passed and now it is time to get ready to ring in the new year. Whether you are getting ready to glam it up and attend a snazzy New Year's Eve party, or choosing to stay home and celebrate with some of your closest friends, you will be in need of some quick, simple, and fun ways to present food/treats, set the ambiance, and of course keep track of whose glass of wine or champagne is who's. Here is my New Year's gift to you, the 'how to', to create the perfect hostess gift:
Chalkboard pedestal plate
Supplies: Ceramic plate (any shape or size will do), Chalkboard paint, Candlestick (again, any shape or size will do. Just keep in mind, the higher the candle stick the taller your pedestal plate will be), apoxy adhesive, Chalk
Directions: Tape off any area on the plate that you do not wish to have chalkboard paint on. Paint on your chalkboard paint and allow to dry (the longer you can let your chalkboard paint cure, the better). Once your paint is dry, adhere your candlestick to the bottom of the dish using an apoxy glue (again, allow a good amount of drying time). Once dry, write your sentiment on the chalkboard, place some yummy treats on top, and Enjoy!

Chalkboard wine glass charms
Supplies: Chipboard/cardboard/poster board, chalkboard paint, template for your circle (anything that is round and about the same size as the base of your wine glass will do), scissors, circle punch, scissors
Directions: Trace your circle template onto your chipboard and cut. Paint your chipboard circles with chalkboard paint, allow to dry. Once the paint is dry, punch a smaller sized circle in the middle of the larger circle (this is the part that will wrap around the stem of the glass), cut from the outer perimeter into the small circle, write recipients name onto wine charm..Cheers!

Candle Glam
Supplies: Pillar candle, burlap, ribbon trim, decorative charm and or button
Directions: Adhere strip of burlap around the candle, layer decorative ribbon on top of burlap trim (tie into a bow if you wish), finish off by adhering decorative charm or button.

Happy New Year's 2011!

Heather Mellstrom
Paper Princess Studio

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Heidi said...

It was wonderful Heather! Love all the ideas. You did so great on the show, Noah was enamored with you. He kept asking to see it:0) And next time if you need us to watch Makayla we are always happy too!