Thursday, July 29, 2010

Baby love....

I am so excited, today I get to go meet one of my closest friends sweet baby boy that came into the world yesterday :). My friend, Stephanie, is so dear to my heart- I am so very thankful that the Lord put her in my life. It's kinda funny how we met; a few years ago I was managing 'Annalis scraptique' scrapbook store and Steph was a frequent shopper. Well every time she would come into the store we would chat away and quickly found that we had SO much in common. She was/is in the entertainment sector as she is the current host of Sonoran Living Live on ABC 15 and has been a news anchor for many years- I can easily relate in some aspects to her profession as I have performed for most of my life and worked in the entertainment industry for many years. There are so many other aspects of our lives that are so similar, at times it seems like we are made of the same genetic makeup...we seriously think the same about SO many things. It wasn't long into our friendship that we began talking about our faith- we share the same beliefs and are very passionate about the redemption and grace we have found and accepted by the love of Christ and what He did on the cross. I can not say enough about how much her friendship means to me- we laugh together, we pray together, we cry together, and of course, we craft together :) She is my 'Birds of a Feather fine feathered friend' ya birdy :)

Anyhoo, a few weeks back there was a lovely shower thrown in Steph's honor to welcome in her soon to be sweet baby boy. I wanted to make her something special and I knew she would appreciate anything I conjured up for her so this is what I came up with:

A momento box for her sweet baby boy. I made the front frame adjustable so she can replace his ultra sound pic. by his baby pic.

Inside the box I filled it with handmade 'Thank You' cards.
Because she is so much like me, I knew she would refuse to send out store bought thank yous, yet I also knew she probably wouldn't have the time to make them so I thought she would appreciate these (and she did :) I went ahead and addressed them all (for all those who were attending the shower) and stamped them so all she literally had to do was write them and slip them in the mail.
I made 2 different designs on the cards...this is design #2
A couple of Christmas ornaments with her maternity pics. and baby Ryker's ultra sound pics.
A magnet board and onsie- I went with a sports theme on these since that's the theme she is using in his nursery
Closet organizers- I made some of these for Makayla recently and they are such a life saver...luv them!
And this wish/prayer book for Steph and Ryker. We had the book out at the shower so everyone could write their prayer and well wishes for the mommy to be and sweet baby boy.
There is nothing I like doing more then creating special keepsakes for those I love :)! And what a Blessing that the Lord brought our 2 lil sweet babes into the world just 6 months apart so we can raise them together!
Gotta go, it's time to go meet this sweet lil boy :) Sooooo excited!!!!


deb said...

What a sweet friend. Beautiful work. I especially love the "B" baby blue scalloped note cards. So simple and stylish too. :) Your little one is adorable.

LambAround said...

These are all very cute, but now I'm hoping that you'll post a photo of this new baby! :)

Daydream Believer said...

What a beautiful gift! {visiting from Tatertots and Jello}

Heather R said...

do you ever teach classes?! Or give out a DIY page? I would love to know how to make one of those ornaments. They are just beautiful!!

sarah goodman said...

Heather...I had NO clue you were so talented!!! So...I NEED to know how to make those closet organizers...they are so coolio!