Friday, June 25, 2010

Makayls is 5 months old!

Two days ago our lil sweets turned 5 months old!
As I reflect on the past 5 months I am just in awe of the moments we have been Blessed to share with this lil miracle. She is amazing and has radically changed my life in ways I could have never dreamed of. There is not a day that goes by that I'm not reminded that she is a creation of God and it is by His grace she is here with us today- Thank you God!
At 5 months Makayla is
* 13 lbs. (according to our scale here at home)

*Started solid foods
(started out with rice cereal, moved onto oatmeal, and most recently started carrots- which she loves by the way)

* Is moving A LOT. I have no doubt that sometime soon she will be on the go...this lil girl has a lot of determination!
* Napping regularly (mommy is happy about this one). She usually takes a mid morning nap around 10am, a cat nap sometime in the afternoon, and is still sleeping through the night wonderfully :). She has begun to sleep in her pack and play at night which is right next to our bed (she had been sleeping in our bed with us until recently)

* Has started to gain a big interest in the animals. She pet's Bella
and cuddles with Dakota :) SO sweet!!
* Is attending nursery at church on a regular basis. We are so thankful for the amazing people who serve in this ministry and take such good care of our lil girl.
* Has found her thumb (the other morning I heard her sucking and look to find her thumb in her mouth) She still prefers her paci to anything but on occasion her thumb, fist, or foot can be found in her mouth.

* Is putting EVERYTHING in her mouth (so glad that mom bought us Sophie the girraffe :)

* Celebrated her and daddy's 1st. Fathers Day together
*Experienced the AZ sunshine...the temps are now in the triple digits here at home
*Escaped her bouncy chairEach and every day with this kiddo is truly amazing- We can't wait to see what this next month has in store for us.
Thanks for the best 5 months ever baby girl- we love you!


Stephanie SM said...

So many milestones!! I had forgotten how fast it goes! The last picture...she looks like a baby doll. Literally.

Terri said...

Ok Visiting for the first time because of Where Bloggers Create...
But fell in love with this baby girl as I was scrolling down to find your post...These photos are so the fur babies too!

Jennifer said...

Your photos of Makayla are wonderful. She is getting so big already, truly amazing and beautiful.

Marlene said...

She is gorgeous, may god bless you all.