Monday, March 29, 2010

Hippity Hoppity...

Easter on it's way!

Can you believe that in less then a week it is Easter? It literally seems like just yesterday it was Christmas- Where has the time gone? I supposed when you have a baby less then a month after the Christmas holiday it eats up the time and before you know it here you are preparing for Easter. We are hosting Easter at our home again this year and thus I will be a busy lil bunny this week making preparations for this joyous holiday. I'm still brainstorming a few Easter projects I would like to complete but in the meantime I thought I would share some inspiration from last year's decor.

Last year I created these paper mache eggs to utilize as my place cards. The paper mache eggs are from Martha Stewart Crafts (I purchased mine at Michaels). Because the look I was going for was a soft vintage look, I first begun by painting the paper mache a soft metallic silver color (Delta has a great variety of metallic, I used the silver). After the paint had dried I started to embellish- my fav. thing :)! I played around with many different mediums but the look I liked the best was quite simple: I added some feathers, a small flower, some silver glitter, and a small banner that housed the name of the guest.

The best way to adhere the glitter around the perimeter of the egg is to use 'Tacky Tape' and then shake your glitter right on top. I have tried many different ways to adhere glitter since I use it on almost all of my craft projects and tacky tape has remained my tried and true way to get the glitter to stay put (not to mention it gives you a perfect line). Here is a closer look at the glitter-

Now that the place setting was completed it was time to set the table. This is what my Easter table looked like last year-

Quite simple, some beautiful fresh cut roses, some garden statues shaped as bunnies, silver candlesticks, and my handmade vintage inspired egg place settings. What does your Easter table look like? Any plans on how you are decorating this year? I would love to hear your ideas :).

After the table was set, it was time to add a little festive decor around the house. Here are some of my fav. ways to add a touch of Easter here and there:

Fresh Flowers (There is nothing more that screams spring to me then fresh cut flowers- they make me happy :)

Nest- I'm in love with birds nest and have quite a few here and there around my home. Last year I took one of the larger nest and placed fresh lemon slices inside and placed next to the beverage stand. Get creative with your nest...there is so much more you can do with them then just put eggs inside ;)
Eggs: What is Easter with out Easter eggs. Well Easter is much more then just eggs but never the less eggs are a fun visual we often incorporate with this holiday. Rarely do I ever get around to painting eggs (although now that I'm a mommy I'm sure that will change) so much of the eggs I use are fake, you know the plastic ones. However because they are plastic there is SO much you can do with them :) I have some tutorials I'm working on for later in the week on how easy peasy it is to dress up the standard plastic egg but in the mean time here are some things you can do with them- Place them in a basket (I know everyone knows that-LOL), hide them (for the kiddos to find of course), display them in apothecary jars, place gifts inside them, and my fav. to eat them (but save that for the 'real' eggs not the plastic ones!)

In my decor it was important for me to add a cross, after all that is what this joyous Easter holiday is all about- Jesus has risen! In my 'normal' home decor I have incorporated many crosses around our home as a constant reminder of the grace that has been shed upon us through Him who has died for our sins. For Easter, I pulled this large candle stand on to our buffet to act as visual reminder of what this holiday is all about.

What are some of your Easter traditions? Do you decorate for the holiday?
Well off to get crafting- be back soon with some quick and fun ways to dress up the ordinary plastic Easter Egg- Stay tuned :)

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