Thursday, February 25, 2010

1 Month...

Yesterday our lil sweetie turned 1 month old!!!

Now I can totally relate to the comment that everyone has been saying to us, "Enjoy her because she'll grow up fast". It is hard to believe that 1 month ago God brought us one of the most precious gifts we could ever ask for. Here are a few milestones Makayla has had this past month:

She has gone from 7lbs. 4 oz. down to 6lbs. 8 oz. and now 1 month later is weighing in at a healthy 8lbs. 3 oz.
She has grown from 18 1/2" to 21"
She has taught her daddy the true meaning of 'beauty sleep'

She has shown mommy the true meaning of a 'crappy day'- Yes, she really did poop all over me! And an added bonus, she waited to do it until we were out in public- LOL!

She has learned that even if she is having a bad day her daddy will ALWAYS be there to lift her up and give her love

She has learned that through thick and thin these guys will always be by her side-
She has learned that even when your family and friends spoil you to be thankful for their thoughtfulness and kindness

She has become friends with many of the Dr. and nurses at our pediatrician's office, as she's had to go every week since she was born
She has learned that 9 times out of 10 mommy is going to stick a great big cute bow in her hair! (OK, maybe I should say head since she still doesn't have very much hair)

She has had her 1st. date (with handsome Luke)

She has gone for her 1st. walk

She has learned that shopping with mommy is tons of fun! (I think she's already been to Hobby Lobby like a dozen times!) LOL

Most importantly she has taught us how precious the miracle of life is-

We love you Makayla Grace!


Maren said...

She is so beautiful...just like her mom! :) Cherish these moments....even the poopy ones..she will grow quickly! :)

Melissa said...

Umm such a beautiful post. I am so happy for you guys. She is beautiful, the last picture, so precious!
How did David feel about you throwing around the word "date" in the first month of her life! :)
Oh and of course I love that you took a picture of your "crappy day" that is awesome. :)

Filleman Family said...

that is my favorite post on your blog EVER. I'm so glad you had pictures of all her milestones. I love the family walk picture. So sweet to see a picture of the whole fam. Love you guys.

jealeo said...

Thank you for the update. She is simply precious!

Theresa said...

It still seems surreal that you have a precious baby girl! God's faithfulness becomes more and more amazing as we look back! The crappy day is a classic!! I'm SO happy for you guys! What an amazing blessing!

Jason and Lisa said...

I just realized there was a "new" post today. Oops, I'm about a few weeks late. Such a great post. Love all the pictures to document her "milestones."

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Anonymous said...

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Til said...

She is so beautiful.....congratulations again!