Thursday, November 5, 2009

Treasuring the time...

Now a days my life is consumed with treasuring the time-

Treasuring the time we have with these 2-

This past week our big guy (Duke) had us worried beyond measure. When David came home from his Biblical study class on Sat. morning Duke could not get up. He always meets David and I at the door but his back legs would not support him- he could not stand up nor could he walk. We immediatly rushed to our vet who performed an x-ray and informed us that there are numerous possibilities to what the problem could be. It could be anything from valley fever (a common occurance here in the desert) to bone cancer. He prescribed some pain killers for Dukey and gave him a dose of accupuncture. David and I were on edge as we were pretty convinced we may have to put our big guy down and although we know this day is emenate we were not prepared to face it. God's grace was with our family as later in the day our gentle giant was up and walking. He has been doing great as of late- in the mean time, we take it day by day and treasure each and every second we have with this big guy.

Dealing with Duke has had our emotions running all over place but then on top of that we have the other love bug, Dakota. In the midst of everything our poor bug stops eating and has bloody stools. Dakota loves her brother dearly and we seem to think it was a combination of her emotions mixed with a slight over dose of raw hide chips that caused her problems. Dealing with our 2 fur balls has had us consumed but we thank God for these moments..these moments with our 4 legged kiddos.

On a different note, I have also been treasuring the time- treausring the time as we prepare for Makayla Grace. As you know from my previous post the beadboad wall paper project was a disaster!! Well...I was convinced that I would win this challenge with the paper and thus I did not give up. I ordered another brand called 'Wall Dr' that you can find at Home Depot and man oh man it is so much better then the original paper I had purchased from Lowes. I was so excited to get it up that I literally did not waste anytime, the second I received it in the mail I went to work. My 1st. project was to practice with the paper by papering our laundry room- I love how it turned out (pics to come soon). Since the laundry was a success I decided it was time to move on to babies room well not so much of a success :(. The paper was great but I learned a lesson; even if the paper states that it is pre-pasted use a paste!!! The day after I papered the babies room I went in to admire the room and this is what I found-

Not good my friends....

Plan B- Order more paper and use wall paper paste=
Love it!!!! Once I got it figured out I was in love- I highly recommend this textured beadboard wallpaper friends. It is so much cheaper, and easier to install vs. traditional wood beadboard. Now that the paper is up we continue to work hard on Makayla's room. I promise I will share pics. as the room comes along....many projects are in the works :)

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jealeo said...

So glad you posted. I love reading your posts and always get a little nervous when I don't see one. I'm so sorry about your four-legged loves, but hope they are both feeling better soon. Happy to see that the wallpapering was a success (after a few trys) I hope you are resting and taking good care of Makayla Grace. Happy, healthy wishes coming your way. Keep posting!