Saturday, November 7, 2009

Having fun over at the Mellstrom's crib-

Yesterday when I was at work I received this email from my sweet hubby-
"Why don't you come over to my crib tonight and where some of those cute pregnant clothes"- Of course I couldn't help but LOL when I read it.

Truth be had, we've been super busy over her at the Mellstrom crib but we are having a blast getting ready for the sweet arrival of our baby girl Makayla Grace. In fact, when mom and dad were out visiting a few weeks ago we got this put together-
I had my eyes set upon the Pottery Barn sleigh style crib but of course spending upwards of $1,000 was out of our budget- the next best thing...well one of my dearest 'tweetest' friends had remembered that one of her friends had a similar style crib. She asked her if she would be willing to sell it and she was :). We got a rockin deal on it and mom and dad insisted that they pay for it (thanks again mom and dad!). When we picked it up we could not wait to get it together so with the help of some extra hands we got it together (even with out directions we managed to assemble it in less then 30 minutes). In fact assembling the crib was one of the only things that went smoothly when mom and dad were out helping paint and wallpaper the nursery. David and I could not be more thrilled with the crib- we often go and stand in the nursery admiring the crib imagining our sweet baby girl resting there- we can not wait!!

We aren't the only ones who are enjoying this new addition of furniture to our home-


The Martins said...

"RESTING" lol. (sorry, having had three newborns of my own, the resting comment made me chuckle. I HOPE she'll be resting in there- lots!)

And it IS a very beautiful crib!

Heidi Marie said...

so fun! I love to see her room as you progress. And what a gorgeous crib may she sleep a lot for you in it:0)

jealeo said...

May Makayla Grace have many dreamy hours in that beautiful crib!

Theresa said...

So cute, heather! I feel like it was just yesterday that I would go and hang out in Michael's finished room before he was born! I just loved doing that and being so anxious for his arrival!! :)