Wednesday, July 29, 2009


This is our little miracle at 12 weeks 2 days-
Today David (daddy) and I had our first trimester screening ultra sounds- IT WAS AMAZING!!!! We got to see our little one very up close and personal with the 3D technology they offer now a days. Look at this-
It looks like it has Davids legs (long and skinny) Perfect if 'she' is a dancer- LOL! Although my hub would argue and say that they are perfect legs for a baseball player if our little miracle is a 'him'. We were told that sometimes the sex of the baby can been seen at this particular appt- but not for us. We have a mover and a shaker on our hands...our little one loves to boogie inside my womb so of course we couldn't get a good peak to see if we have a she or a him. Regardless, God is great and seeing this miracle grow before our eyes is the most amazing thing I have ever experienced!

I can not thank the Lord enough for this miracle in our lives. You see, yesterday we had a bit of a scare...I experienced a little bleeding and of course thought the worse. I immediately called David in tears. We rushed over to my dr. office who was able to squeeze us in and we waited to be seen. We sat, and prayed, then prayed some more. We were prepared to continue placing our trust in the Lord and know that whatever was happening was a part of His will for our lives. As the dr. entered the room we held our breath as he placed the doppler on my tummy to see if he could pick up the heartbeat....nothing. He assured us that at this stage it is not uncommon to not pick up a heartbeat via the doppler so we would do an ultrasound and see what we could find. The next few minutes felt like hours as we waited to be seen for an ultrasound. I questioned why my dr. was able to pick up a heartbeat at 8 weeks 3 days but now at 2 weeks 1 day he could not- we were scared, nervous, and sad, although we continued to put our trust in the Lord. Finally the moment of truth arrived- we walked in for the ultra sound and as soon as they started the ultrasound the dr. said he had a heartbeat- Thank you God!!!! It turns out the reason they were unable to pick up a heartbeat via the doppler is because our little one will not sit still- it is moving around so much that they couldn't pick up the heartbeat. The dr. measured the heartbeat to be 160 bpm- which he stated was right on track. We go back in a month for another follow up but in the mean time we pray daily (well many times a day) that our good and gracious God will protect this little miracle- It is His creation and we pray that He will continue to form, shape, and breath life into this little one...a little one that we fervently pray has been called to the Lord before all of creation...God is good & this baby is a MIRACLE!!!!

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