Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Warm Feeling....

Is one of my favorite areas in our whole home :). When David and I found this home we instantly fell in was perfect, nearly everything we could want in a home. I say 'nearly' everything because one of the only things I would change is that it would have a fireplace. I don't know what it is about fireplaces but they just give me that warm and cozy feeling..yes, I know we live in AZ so why would I need that 'warm' feeling when it's 120+ outside..LOL ;). Not necessarily practical for the AZ desert but never the less I wanted one. Well as things would have it David and I were on one of our many trips to Lowes recently and what did we find- this fireplace mantel that was marked down so much we could not resist (seriously it was marked down from like $500 to $90!) See, you go in to Lowes for lightbulbs and you leave with a fireplace-ha ;).

Now let me ask you, Have you ever found that perfect item for your home that you just had to have but in the interm run into a few challenges? This perfect fireplace was definitly one of 'those' items for us; you see after we purchased it at Lowes we soon found out that it would not fit into our car. Only half of the box would fit into our trunk (oops) somehow my imaginative hubby figured out how to get enough rope around the car and the box that it would hold; hold enough to drive down the street to drop it off at my in-laws who in turn would bring out to our home in their truck- Thank God for in-laws that have a truck :). So that was the first challenge...the next challenge was putting the mantel together- looked easy but turned out to not be that easy. Once that challenge was accomplished of course came the next challenge- where to put it in our home. When we had originally purchased the mantel I had planned to put it in our living room until we got it together and I realized how huge the mantel really was. The next option was in our family room which turned out to be the most perfect spot :)- We had one wall in our family room that was quite large and needed something, the fireplace was the perfect something. OK, that challenge accomplished on to the next=finding the right sized firebox to slip inside. This particular challenge was left up to my hub. He did succeed and finding a great firebox, but once the firebox was delivered that presented yet another challenge- the firebox is a bit to small for the mantel so there is space separating the box from the mantel. We have yet to conquer this particular challenge but we have brain stormed an idea; we purchased some oak molding that is nearly the same color as our mantle. We plan on placing the molding on top of the empty space thus filling in the gap between the box and the mantel..hope it works :).

Whew, I had no idea this post was going to be this long...all this about a fireplace- LOL :). In all seriousness this fireplace has been well worthe all the challnges we have run into. We turn it on every night- you have to love a fireplace you can turn on by simply hitting a switch. One of the greatest things about this fireplace is not only does it give our home that warm cozy feeling I love, but it is perfect for AZ. I say perfect for AZ because when it's hot out in the summer we can still get the ambiance from the flames without the heat, yet when it's cold in the winter we can get the heat. Yep, the firebox that dear hubby got has an awesome heat feature where you can set the internal thermostat of the fireplace and get yourself some heat...gotta love it! Oh, and of course I had to add some Uppercase Living Vinyl, it was the perfect element to finish this area off, I love it :) I think this is my fav. vinyl expression I have in the whole entire home :)
Mission Accomplished!

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