Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lifes simple pleasures-

Today I have been reminded on how beautiful life's simple pleasures really are- a true gift from God!

The day started by a trip to Maricopa's farmers market. Yep, Maricopa may be in the boonies but we do have a 'real' farmers was wonderful! David and I had no idea that this little gem was only a few short blocks from home. We hope to make it a weekly trip to go and gather our produce for the week; after all we love a bargain and like to help out the local farmers. Here is a bit of what we gathered-
The afternoon was spent doing chores around home before we went to church. I don't know what it was about today but I had a keen sense of awarness of life's simple treasures. These are a few of them:
*The wonder of life as seen in this mama hummingbird nurturing her young (found her in our TexAsh tree in the front yard)

*The beautiful blooms and sweet smell of flowers
*The gorgeous sunset profiling the desert mountain scape *The sweet sound of my kitties purring *Childrens laughter
*The cold nose of my doggies felt against my skin as they give me a kiss *The familiar sound of a friends voice
*The love of my family *The taste of fresh brewed iced tea (complete with fresh lemon and a dash of Stevia ;)
*A home to call my own *Holding hands with the love of my life *Browsing blogs and getting inspired *a warm bubble bath
*The sweet taste of fresh strawberries-YUM *Walking in to my craft studio (mess and all)
*And most importantly the hope, grace, and redemption I have in my Lord and Savior Christ Jesus

I hope you will be Blessed this week and have some time to reflect on your life's greatest pleasures :)!

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Theresa said...

Thanks for the encouragement Heather!! I don't stop to revel in "the simple things" often enough!!