Monday, March 23, 2009

In Living Color...

WooHoo....this past weekend we finally started to splash some color on these white walls in our home. Those of you who know me well know that by the time I'm done with this house there will not be one white wall left...I love color! I am inspired by all the different mediums of paint and of course I could not wait to give some of them a try in our new home. Two secrets I can share- do you love the look of faux walls but are a little hesitant on making the jump to either faux them yourself or hire someone to do the job? Well thanks to a little 'birdie' I got wind of a fabulous tool called The Woolie. What's so fab. about this tool you ask? Well let me tell gives you the depth, dimension, and beauty of faux walls without paying the hefty price tag. Simply put, it's a tool (a paint roller to be exact) that you dip into two contrasting paint colors- the result is this (here's just a peek, more finished pics. to follow)
The second secret is this-
Painting with your love always makes the job so much fun! Davids task was to paint above the kitchen cabinets and behind the refrigerator....this is what I found when he was done behind the refrigerator-

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