Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back from the B-I-G Trip....

The memories were not the only BIG thing we brought back from our trip to MN...My hubby caught this 32" Northern!!!

We had such a wonderful time visiting MN (the homeland of my hubby) and were so blessed to spend time with our family and friends who live there. Our time spent up there was so grand that if I wrote all about it the post would be forever long...so instead, I'll give you some highlights and pics. from our trip :)-

*Saw a Moose! (I've never seen one in my whole life and apparently they are a rarity in MN now too- so we were indeed lucky to see one)
* Met Jeannie (my hubbys aunt and sister to Davids dad)/visited with Marilyn & Gary
* Toured Roseau where Davids Dad was raised and many of his relatives are laid to rest; Including my father-in-law, Lester Mellstrom
* Anniversary dinner with my hubby at a little hole in the wall that served fab. food
* A nights stay @ Bev and Keiths's (Davids Aunt and Uncle) Their home is gorgeous- right on Otter Tail lake
* Fishing on serpent lake; Davids friend Jason gave us some lessons and it must have worked because David caught some big fishes :)- No, I didn't catch anything but hey I did try!
* Visit with the Unity crew down in Spicer and a tour of the new home of USC- It is fabulous!
* Steve & Jens wedding - a beautiful day!
* A Twins victory at the last game of the season which we attended

As you can see, our time up in MN was indeed wonderful...We are so blessed to have had taken this trip to see our loved ones. Now to attend to laundry, unpacking, and getting back in the swing of things here @ home. We have 4 adorable fur balls who missed their mommy and daddy very much- and we missed them..good to be home ;)!


Kelly and Heidi said...

Glad your back!! We missed you at Bible study...I will be away for the next few weeks so then I will truly miss seeing you guys:) I tagged you on my blog by the way...if you get the chance it would be fun to read your life stories!!

Anonymous said...

Loved your photos Heather, especailly the one in the sunflower field~ way cool!