Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sonoran Living Live....

Welcome! If you are a viewer of Sonoran Living Live and are stopping by because you saw the segment today on blogging- I welcome you, Thank you for taking time to stop by and check out Paper Princess Chronicles. I hope you enjoy your visit here and hope that perhaps you will be inspired even if you are not an artist. Please do come back as I am constantly posting new creations and updating my blog :)

Now for those of you who did not see Sonoran Living Live and are wondering what on earth am I talking about, let me fill you in. Recently the one and only Stephanie Sandoval :) (the host of Sonoran Living Live) paid me a visit to my house and filmed a segment on blogging. Well, today is the day that the blogging segment aired, If you missed you can check it out HERE Click on the blogging segment and you should be able to view it.

Thanks again for all who have stopped by and have a Blessed day!

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Tracy said...

I watched the segment and saw that not only did you mention my blog about the wedding, you also were making my card box!! Yay!