Sunday, April 27, 2008

Catching Up on...

Just catching up on a ton of projects that have been in the works for awhile...a long while! The problem with my mind is that it never stops :) LOL. After chatting with many of my creative friends I have come to the conclusion that it's not an illness but just part of the creative process- the mind going a million miles a minute. Lately I have been lying in bed and the projects just keep coming in..which is a good thing but now I need to find the time to create. At the beginning of this year I was determined to get things done and that's exactly what I've been up to. I have a few items (ok, A LOT of items) that I have purchased to alter and after a year (or two) of sitting around I told myself enough is enough. No more 'alterables' until I do something with the stash I already have :). For example, about a year and a half ago I bought the most perfect printers tray that I couldn't wait to alter...well every now and then I would get it out to work on and then I would put it aside and then it would sit...and sit...and sit (you get the picture). Well on Thurs. I got that printers tray back out and I'm not allowing myself to work on anything else until it's done! And guess what...after many hours it's almost there :). I'll share pics. as soon as it's completed. Anyhow, off to get ready for church but I just wanted to say Hi..Hope everyone is having a blessed weekend!

*The pic. is another one of those projects that has been started but not yet finished..after the printers tray is done this mini is the next project :)

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