Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Almost there...

In my last post I mentioned that I was working on a project and I would not let down until it's completed....well, I'm almost there!!! In fact, I would be finished if it wasn't for my brain constantly challenging my creative psyche- see now I've decided that the wooden scrabble pieces that I'm adhering to the top of the tray need to be soldered. Do I solder? Well no, not exactly :); I did take a soldering class last summer but I haven't touched a soldering iron since and now for whatever reason I've decided that I must solder these scrabble letters before this project is finally finished. I should just glue them on there and be done with it!! LOL :). I'm giving myself until tomorrow evening to finish and if the pieces are not soldered then it's going up as is..With that being said, my next post ought to be pretty amusing/interesting. I'll keep you posted. In the meanwhile, I thought I would leave you a pic. of what has been completed (just a little snippet) This is a mini album that rest inside one of the larger cubbies on my printers tray- I love the way it turned out. I especially love that little tree stamped on the front...I just think it's the cutest dang tree I have ever seen (not to mention that it's a Unity Stamp Co. stamp and you all know I love USC)

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