Sunday, November 18, 2007

I'm back...

Oh my goodness...I have been so busy! Sorry I haven't posted in awhile but I do have a good reason; I was contracted to create a custom mini album for a customer and I have been super busy getting the album together. I am happy to report that the album is finished and my customer absolutely loved it when she picked it up on Fri :). I must admit I was pretty nervous when I gave it to her as this is the first album I have been contracted out to create and I was hoping the album would be everything she was wanting...and it was. I didn't have much direction from her other then it was a wedding gift for a friend and the album would be compiled of pictures and memories from the wedding shower they gave her a few months back- the rest was left up to me. I went with a country theme since the bride and groom were married in a barn back in Nebraska and the wedding shower theme was 'A country kitchen'. I used the new country kitchen line from Reminisce which was perfect for this creation...Lot's of sunflowers for embellishments, and even added some real chicken wire to create a pocket in the back. I had a great time creating it and hope that the bride will treasure this album for years to come. Oh, some of you might not know but I've been getting several request for custom made creations so I've decided to start my own small business specializing in custom gifts and art creations...check out my blog Paper Princess Studios to see a few of my creations.

Well other then spending tons of time in my studio creating I have been busy getting ready for the holidays...Can you believe Thanksgiving is this week? David and I will be traveling to Calif. for the holiday to spend it with my moms b-day is on Thanksgiving so I'll be busy getting ready for her b-day and Thanksgiving this next week. I have so much to be Thankful for!!!! I really want to get a Thanksgiving mini album finished so David and I can journal in it all the things we are thankful for...wish me luck :) I only have a couple days to get it done... Well, I better get to work- Hope you are all having a great weekend.

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