Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I'm how old????

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days but I really do have a good excuse....It was my birthday!! Not just any birthday...It was my big 30!!!!! I'm now beginning a whole new decade...how crazy is that??? My dear hubby tells me that I'm middle age now but I still think I have a few years before I'll be 'middle aged'. To celebrate the big day dh and I went to Calif. to spend some time celebrating with mom, dad, and grammy bear....and let me tell you it was quite a celebration. We arrived late Fri. evening and started the festivities on Sat. To begin the day, Mom took me on a shopping spree to gather some scrapbooking supplies as part of my b-day present...you know I loved that :)!After our shopping spree we came home and got ready for the evening.... That evening we had the most delicious dinner at our favorite restaurant, Gullivers- Yummy!!! Our tummies were completely stuffed after this....But then came Sunday. We woke up went to church and then headed down to La Habra to pick up grammy bear and then head off to El Cholo (our favorite mexican restaurant) Our tummies were still full from our delicious dinner the night before but that didn't stop us.....I must say the highlight of this meal was the most unique place mats you have ever seen! Place mats you ask??? Yes, place mats- they were customized by my dear mom and dad who had the genius idea to impose a photo of me driving the Oscar Meyer wiener mobile....don't ask :) It's a long story that dates back to my childhood. Now the table decor not only came complete with these custom place mats but each guest also received their very own Oscar Meyer wiener whistle (which the guest did blow as I entered the room). Oh....we aren't done yet- to top it all off I was sung to by the restaurant staff as I wore a sombrero on my head (another childhood joke). As you can imagine it was quite a scene and a celebration on my birthday eve. All this celebrating was wearing me out but we weren't quite done...on Mon. mom and dad took David and I over to Catalina Island...we rented a golf cart to tour the island and I think we saw all there was to see in about 2 hours (although we still had about 5 hours until the boat came back to pick us up). We did have a great time though....It was the perfect birthday!!

As I reflect on the past 3 decades of my life I thank God for the gift of life....the blessings of marriage, family, and friends. I am so blessed and I pray that God will fill the next 30 years with blessings beyond belief...I have faith that he will! Each moment is truly a gift...I am Blessed!!!

With that said, I look down to my two adorable pooches who are laying next to me as I type this....they too are a blessing in my life and it's time for their mama to make up for some lost time this weekend and go snuggle with my babies....
Night, night ;)

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