Monday, August 27, 2007

Bad dog...

I just got back home after running some errands and look what I found when I walked in the door.....Dakota apparently got a little hungry when mommy was gone and decided to chew (more like demolish) my shoe. Now these are not just any these are my favorite flats I purchased last winter and I happen to wear these to work- a lot :( Oh, well shoes are replaceable, but this darling yellow lab is not....She is just too cute- How can you get mad?? I tried to take her pic. by the evidence but she knows she is naughty; she won't stay on the bed next to the 'pile' and ran down the hall with her tail between her legs. I didn't even yell or say anything..I was just trying to get a pic. Dakota is a VERY emotional dog....but we LoVE her more then anything!!!

Other then the doggie thing...I'm just having another relaxing Mon. I'm going to get all my projects boxed up to send into Scrapbook Trends for the wedding idea book ;) And then I'm going to make my wonderful hubby a delicious dinner. David called today and said he wanted soup for dinner (don't ask me why because it's still 100 + outside) Anyhow, soup is what hubby wants, soup is what he'll get. I'm going to try to make either homemade french onion or butternut squash soup....hope it turns out. I've also got a few other wedding projects I'm trying to finish up to submit to another publication who is putting out a wedding idea book in Feb...I better get to work!

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