Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Happiest Place on Earth + a Giveaway!!!

You've all heard it, "I'm going to the happiest place on earth....Disneyland". Well since home and being with the ones I love is my 'happiest place on earth', I thought I would bring a lil' slice of Disneyanna right in to my own front door. What the world am I talking about you are probably asking yourself about now?!? :) I'm talking about my latest venture in decorating and crafting= Makayla's playroom a la Disney style :)

You see, we had an extra bedroom in our home that wasn't being used and I had my eyes set on that room as a playroom for my sweets. And now that M is mobile (very mobile I may add) my hub was finally on board to convert that room into a playroom,,Yippie!!! When I set out on this task I was a bit tied as to what direction to go; I LUV the playrooms that PB showcases, I knew I had a TON (and when I say ton, I mean a ton of Disney stuff/things/collectibles, after all I worked for the mouse for 11+ years, and at the same time wanted to make it somewhat gender neutral. Gender neutral, in case the Lord decides to add to our family in the future and perhaps bless us with a boy (not to mention I wanted M's 'boy'friends not as in boyfriends/boyfriends but you know lil friends that are boys (like you Luke and Ryker :) to have fun in the room too without it being overly girlie girl. Now don't get me wrong I will most definitely have a girly girl area of the room as in dress up time for my pretty lil' princess (after all how could I have a Disney room without Disney princess'!!!) but over all wanted to keep it Disney'isqu as in primary colors (black, red, white and touches of yellow). As you can see my vision has created a bit of a challenge but nothing unattainable....SO I have set out on my mission/vision:

I started by painting. And here is where the fun part comes in...the REALLY fun part!! I was contacted by the wonderful folks over at 3M who had graciously offered me a package of their new product painters tape a la edge lock technology to try out on my next painting/crafting endeavor. I was thrilled when I received my package of goodies and knew instantly what I would use it on, M's playroom of course! I was anxious to try it out because I always have used 3M painters tape but admittedly have had my fair share of issues of the paint seeping through the tape. Their new tape has an edge lock technology that claims to get er' done and keep the edges crisp and clean with no paint I was curious/excited/anxious to try it out.
**Love my paint/project/fixer upper helper :)** The most handsome helper ever! And my prince charming too!!
I must say, the new 3M painters tape does deliver on what it promises. Keep in mind that I really wanted to put the product to the test so I painted both a red wall and a black/chalkboard wall just to see how good it was great people!

SO, not only was it fun because I received a complimentary paint pack of goodies from 3M to try out for myself BUT they have also graciously offered to give away 16 Yes people, I said 16 rolls to my friends/readers/followers.....that's YOU! I can't wait for you to try out the new and improved 3M painters tape :) I thought I would give you a few ways to win one for yourself so
. leave a comment on this post (1 entry)
. become a friend/follower of Paper Princess Studio (1 entry)
. Tell a friend to come visit Paper Princess Studio and leave a comment (1 entry)
. Like Scotch Blue 3M on facebook (1 entry)
I will leave the contest open for 1 week and pick winners/numbers 1 week from today....Enjoy! Make sure to leave a comment letting me know what you have done so you can receive an entry for each one.

I'm still in the decorating mode finishing the room so I'll post after pics. soon. I just couldn't wait any longer to do the giveaway, now that I have the room painted. Here is a lil' peek of what I have done so far:
.This is the chalkboard wall with a craft table in front

. And here is the main wall- complete with framed Disney art (I've had these posters for thrilled to dust them off, frame/hang them, and enjoy them!
PS- Yep, I painted/am painting/stenciling the ceiling and it's turning out to be a complete disaster!! A disaster as in I'm going to start from square one, repaint the entire ceiling white and try the stenciling again...Boo :( I was so excited to do it but not as easy as I though...more on that later (probably a complete blog post devoted to the do's and do not's of stenciling your ceiling.Ha! Live and learn, right?!?

Here's a peek at the molding on the same wall

The top half of the wall is red...the bottom portion is framed molding....and in the works are silhouette's of some our fav. Disney characters peeking out from the frames :) Love it! Although I can't finish it until I get my Disney cartridges back from my mama (hint..hint...mama ;)

More pics. coming soon...having so much fun creating this room! I especially can't wait to create the princess nook (I'm taking the closet doors off and creating a princess palace complete with a dress up vanity...princess costumes, and a mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all... :) Fun times!!

Much thanks to 3M for being so generous!!


Mark, Shannon, Trey & Boston said...

Ummmmm soooo CUTE!!! I can not wait to see the finished ceiling and that silhouette of Cinderella is so stinking cute!!!!

dgstamper said...

Your ideas are always the greatest. I love the idea of a Disney Playroom. Tucking little accents in little places is such a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

Trisha said...

I love love love Disney, especially Cinderella. It's an obsession really! What a fun playroom!


Delina said...

ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! I am a bit obsessed with Disney stuff myself and this is just too adorable!! I will have to do one for my boys someday!

Delina said...

I am totally a follower of your blog! It's too cute how could I resist??

Stephanie SM said...

LOVE how it's coming along! And love how you are considering M's boyfriends in the decor! ;)

Anonymous said...

My 13 year old daughter wants a Disney room. She's got a map of Disney, etc. Your room gave me some inspiration. Love the silhouette idea. Thank-you!

karlee said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! Fun stuff and great inspiration. I found you from The Sanoran Living Show on TV.

ScrapBee said...

Oh my goodness, you never cease to amaze me Heather! I've been following you for a few years and wish I had just a tiny bit of your creativity!!! I love the play room (and especially LOVED the first birthday!)

Anonymous said...

the room is looking like a fairy tale already!! I would love some painters tape to finish up some projects at our own castle.

Anonymous said...

Today, I am now a follower of your amazing blog [although I have been following it almost daily for over 6 months]