Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Special day for our Lil Lady

Whew, what a day yesterday....We had a 1st. birthday bash for our lil lady :). As I mentioned recently, I've been MIA as of late because I've been buried working on party goods for M's 1st. bday. This is going to be a l-o-n-g post because I have much to share...I guess I'm making up for my absence all in one post ;)....

The day begun by getting the party girl all dressed up in her party gear. I had purchased a personalized onsie from MaddieBug Baby on etsy, made her a matching ladybug tutu to match, and finished it off with some adorable ladybug shoes/slippers from baby Gap. I made my lil' lady a headband to match but quickly switched it to the one that my dear friend Steph made her as part of her gift...SO cute! Thanks again bird ;)

Mommy and daddy had to get adorned in their party gear too. Our party gear consisted of shirts that I screen printed with my Yudu machine. Mine said 'Ladybug' and Davids said, "Real men love ladybugs". I needed a lil something, something to finish off my outfit so I quickly made a matching hair pretty to go along with my ladybug themed charmed necklaces. I had found an adorable ladybug charm at the Hob

When the guest arrived, they were greeted by a lil' lady on the doorstep so there would no mistaking that they were at the right house (my mama had found a cute metal ladybug at M's on clearance last summer so we snatched it up knowing it would be great for the party. That's a huge bonus of planning your party can collect goods throughout the year and can pick a lot of them up at clearance that!) Once inside, the decor consisted of our entry table adorned with pictures of the guest of honor followed by a poster sized ladybug I created with M's monthly pictures as the ladybugs spots.

The guest didn't have to travel very far to see the sweet treats that awaited. Front and center was the most adorable cake any lady could ever ask for...made with love by grandma (my mama). Those of you who have been friends of my blog for awhile now may recall that my mama has recently self taught herself the art of cake decorating with fondant....LOVE! It is so great to have a cake maker in the family :) :) :) The cake turned out even more perfect then I could have imagined and M thought it was delicious too! Of course we all did for that matter.

Behind the cake was the sweet treat buffet that was loaded with all sorts of goodies for the lady's and bugs.
Treats included ladybug cupcakes (another creation by my mom), ladybug straws (red and black licorice), ladybug spots (atomic fireballs, and choc. candies), bug bites (ladybug wrapped mints), lady in a garden (sour apple candies layered with vanilla pudding, oreo dirt, a gumpaste leaf, and chocolate ladybugs made by me), lady lollies (choc. ladybug lollipops made by me), flower sugar cookies adorned with
fondant ladybugs, and lastly cake sugar cookies adorned with the number 1.
To go along with all the sweet treats I created some printables to label the treats. I purchased graphics from both BabyStar Design and Woofyworldfrom etsy.

Above the sweet buffet was a banner I created for my lil sweets with some tissue paper pom poms hanging from the ceiling.

On one side of the treat table was a hot chocolate buffet that included hot chocolate on a stick, choc. sprinkled covered marshmallows on a stick, and truffle bugs (peppermint truffles)
On the other side of the sweets buffet was treat bags, party plates/napkins, and beverages. I dressed up the island we keep on our patio to house all the goods...I simply ruffled some fabric and adhered to the island to dress it up.

Other party deets included an autograph plate complete with her lil footprints and well wishes from all the party goers,ladybug candle holders, party whistles, party hat, and high chair party bunting (all made by :)
For party favors we gave our sweet guest the choice of a ladybug sugar cookie, or a lady they can pick straight out of the garden (ie. a ladybug sugar cookie on a stick). The baby bugs had their choice of 1 of 3 ladybug board books. All that 'buzzed' by also left with a lovebug frame that we put together as a craft at the party. I had found a cute unfinished ladybug wood mask at Joanne's so I had picked that up, gave it a coat of paint, and had hoped to snap all the guest pics. with the mask to put inside their frame, but go figure, the only person I was able to snap wearing the mask was papa bug- Ha!

I had so much fun planning this party! We are so very Blessed by all those who surrounded us in sharing in the 1st. year of our lil girl, a huge thank you to you all! A much deserved thank you to my fellow bird who took over 300+ pics. for me (many of them are in this blog post) I so appreciate you and everything you do for me and my family. And last but not least thank you to my family...I couldn't do it with out you- especially you mama- You are the best ever!

This past year has been the best year of my life....all because of this lil' life that my hub and I get to call our own- our miracle- Happy Birthday sweet girl

We love you you lil lady! Indeed, Our sweet baby is becoming a lil' lady.


Stephanie SM said...

It was an amazing party ...much like you'd imagine a party professional would create, with perhaps even more crafty/creative touches. Will you plan my Sharkboy/Lavagirl themed party for April?? :)

A To Zebra Celebrations said...

AMAZING!!! No detail left out...seriously! You should plan parties for a living. I'd love to share your party on my blog if it's ok? :) Gorgeous!! LOVE IT! ~Nancy~

3 Dudes and a Diva said...

Oh, my goodness how cute!! I love all the details. I am hoping to do something similar for my sons {owl} first birthday, but I don't think I could ever make it this cute. Your daughter is adorable too.

Stephanie Lynn @Under the Table and Dreaming said...

Heather this is adorable! Love the ladybug theme - you did an incredible job with all the details. Your little one is precious! Thanks so much for linking to the Sunday Showcase - I greatly appreciate it. I'll be featuring this today. Hope you have a wonderful week ~ Stephanie Lynn

The Autocrat: Haley said...

Will you be my Mom!! Whoa!!! Absolutely amazing! The best party that I have ever seen.

Brittany @GreyGreyDesigns said...

Really, really GREAT! You've got a wonderful eey for the details!

Alexis said...

This is all adorable! I am actually in a chaotic mess right now. I just hosted a Sleeping Beauty party for my four year old yesterday, start moving this week and am planning my baby's 1st birthday party for April. I am doing a ladybug theme too. There are such adorable things out there for it! I was wondering if you had any decorations or items you would be interested in selling to me? The ladybug shoes?

Please contact me at Thank you!

Heather - said...

So many cute things! I linked at the Dollar Store Crafts Facebook page!

Teri S said...

Would you possibly be interested in making those T shirts and selling them. We are having a ladybug theme for our little girl in April and I would so love those T shirts for my husband and I!!