Thursday, December 2, 2010

Makayla is 10 months old!

I could not let another day pass by without posting this post- a week ago our little sweets hit the double digits and turned 10 months old! It's bitter sweet- bitter in the fact that in just a couple months she is going to be 1 yr. old!!!! I know I say this every month, but it literally seems like yesterday we were holding our baby girl for the first time. It is oh so sweet in the fact that she is growing and developing more each and every day- such a sweet, sweet process to be a part of :). This month Makayla has changed more then any other month prior-
At 10 months Makayla is:
*Completely mobile! Although she is not walking I would be willing to bet that that day is just around the corner. She stands up ALL the time- she will grab a hold of whatever or whomever is near and pull herself up to a stand. The doggies even make a great support :) LOL
*Made it up 2 flights of stairs in our house all by herself!!!! David and I were astonished when we caught her climbing up the stairs. We decided to watch and see how far she would go..well, she went all the way to the top in no time flat! Now we have to keep a keen eye on her because she loves to climb up the stairs whenever she has the chance (especially since we have a set of stairs on each side of our home/a dual staircase)

*LOVES her bottle! Whenever she sees me walk in the room with a bottle she gets a huge smile on her face and makes a very happy babble

*Is eating all sorts of goodies these days- Fish, cheerios, goldfish crackers, juice, yogurt (she loves yogurt), string cheese, and her latest adoration little citrus cuties

* Refuses to stay put in her highchair. If she is not strapped in she will stand up time after time after time again. Lesson learned, she MUST be strapped when in her chair and she is not such a fan of being confined ;)
* Helped her daddy heal as he recovered from knee surgery. Daddy has to get his knees in tip top shape because he has a little sassy pants to run after now!

* Went Trick-or-Treating for the 1st. time. We adore our lil love bug!

We spent the evening with our friends Steph and Carlos and Makayla's buddies, Landon and Ryker- SO fun!
* Helps mommy in the kitchen frequently. She consistently crawls into the kitchen whenever I am in there and never ceases to find something to entertain the dishwasher- there is all sorts of fun stuff in there! Spoons especially make great toys when you can bang them on things :) HA!

*Has a morning routine that consists of waking up between 7-7:30am, having a bottle, and chilling in her exersaucer while watching Sesame Street and Cat in the Hat while mommy cleans up the kitchen and puts dishes away.
* Has superb hand/eye coordination. Daddy rigged up this tennis ball on a string recently and she LOVES it! She giggles like no tomorrow as she tries to grab it as Daddy swings it back and forth in front of her.
Daddy is determined that she is going to win 'Wimbleton' by age 16 so he is working on her hand/eye coordination early ; )
* Has a ball playing with your pal Luke (Noah too!) These 2 sweet babes are only 6 days a part in age- it's been such a blessing to watch them grow. I can't believe how much they have changed in 10 months!! And much thanks to my sweet friend Heidi (Luke's mama) who has graciously watched our littles when I had a hair appt. and was filming my craft segment on Sonoran Living Live- You are a life saver Heidi, Thank You!
* Had a special visit from the man in the red suite (her daddy ;) News has it, she has been a VERY good girl this year!
* Receives complement after complement on her big baby blues. We constantly get stopped in the market, the stores, pretty much anywhere we are and people comment on her blues (mommy and daddy wish we had eyes as beautiful as hers!)
We are SO very Blessed by this little miracle. We are so excited to spend the Christmas season with her coming up- She is the BEST gift we could ever have!
Love ya sweet baby girl


Mommy said...

She is ADORABLE!!! Her eyes are beyond incredible...gorgeous! You have a beautiful family!

Anonymous said...

Loove your "Makayla Diaries." Thanks for keeping us up with the latest in her little life.
Auntie Lynn

Jason and Lisa said...

Happy 10 months Makayla. You are such a sweet baby. I loved reading on what you are doing now. Sounds like you are a "big" helper. :)

Heidi C. said...

Sweet little one! Happy 10 months. It sure is flying by...