Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's a Sign....

Literally, it's a sign :).

I adore adding a little bit of holiday whimsy to unexpected nook and crannies throughout our home. You see, I had purchased this wooden arrow sign that had a big red heart hanging from it a few years back and well, it's been gathering dust in our garage ever since we moved 2 years ago. As I was perusing the latest pages of my Chasing Fireflies catalog I noticed that they were selling the exact same sign with a Halloween decor element hanging from it and that's when it hit me...get that dang sign out of the garage and use it :)! So, that's exactly what I did. I created a festive Halloween sign to hang from the perch. Here is one side of the sign,
And here is the other. The one I saw in the catalog, was the same design on both sides but I thought it would be fun to change it up a bit and add a different design to each size; hence depending on what angle you are looking at it you'll see something different. Here it is hanging in our mud room area between the garage door and kitchen area. I adore it! It adds just a little something to an area that would other wise be ignored for seasonal decor. Of course that cute lil yellow isn't to bad either :)

Ok. I must share a funny story about this project though:
Yesterday I went to Ace Hardware to get some chain so I can hang my sign. Well you see, I also needed some rope for another craft project I'm working on so without even thinking about it one of the sweet old men that works there approaches me to see if I needed assistance. Yes, I said, "I need some chain and rope" I know, I know chuckle now because that's exactly what all the men in the hardware aisle were doing as I loudly declared it :). I still didn't even realize how it sounded until the men started chuckling and then the sweet old man helping me says, "That sounds kind of kinky..."We have spikes in the next isle!" Ok end of story, funny..yet a bit embarrassing at the same time.

Oh, thought I would share a few pic. of some littles who are just too cute!

The other day Makayla and I went on a play date to the pumpkin patch with some kiddos and mommies from church...we had a blast! Here is M with her sweet lil buddy, Luke. These 2 are only 6 days apart and we've had more fun watching them grow together. As you can see, they had more fun exploring the hay bales, in particular putting the hay in their mouths. Forget all the other fun activities they had (animals, train rides, corn mazes, and games) the hay in the mouth is where it's at!


Heidi Cassaday said...

Such a cute picture of the two littles together! I love that they both are eating straw, what else could be fun to do while sitting on a hay bale? Great photos Heather!

Stephanie SM said...

love it! wanna go on TV on tuesday with it?

Kendra@My Insanity said...

Love the vintage sign and the embellishments!

sarah said...

Stopped by from tatertots and jello. What a great idea! i recently hosted a vintage inspired halloween party- this would have fit in perfectly!If you have a moment to take a look, I would love to hear your thoughts