Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A 'BOO-tiful' day at the park

The past few days have been superb! This past weekend my parents were visiting from Cali. and we got to partake in some fall celebration. My mama and I had fun baking up tons of Treats (No tricks here, simply delectable treats!) Just look at all this sweetness

Of course nothing is near as sweet as this lil treat- My sweet, sweet baby dressed up as a lil lady :)!!
SO much fun seeing all the cute lil kiddos all dressed up in their Halloween costumes. Such a 'BOO-tiful' day at the park, many thanks to Steph for hosting such a fun time.
Steph took a liking to Makayla's 'BOOty' onsie so I had to craft one for lil Ryker's tiny lil 'BOOty' :) :) :)

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