Monday, May 17, 2010

Guest Bath Remodel

Super excited....Recently I completed the remodel of our downstairs bath (a project I've been wanting to tackle for a L-O-N-G time). We've only been in our new home for a year and a half and as I look around, I will say that we've got quite a bit done (as far as painting and home projects). D. and I got most of the downstairs painted just a few months after moving in and the down stairs bath was pretty much the only space that had gotten neglected. I was so eager to get it completed, especially since this is the bath the guest use when they come over to our home. I was hoping to get the bath completed last Dec. but with being prego and all it just didn't happen...until now :).

I LOVE to paint and alter things as you know so when I was prego and had to stay away from the paint it drove me a little batty...I would just sit and look at all the projects I had in the works but most of them all required some sort of paint SO as soon as M. was born I got to work...The bath was my 1st. project.
Here it is before:

And here is after:

This is what I did;
I faux painted the walls- Made a shower curtain using the trick of the trade to make the room/ceilings appear larger; I raised the shower curtain up so it was just a few inches away from the ceiling. Since we have 9' ceilings downstairs it really makes a difference to hang the rod in this manner. As far as the shower curtain goes, I just grabbed some fabric from JoAnne's, used fusable tape to make the pocket for the rod to go through, added some coordinating fabric to the top, and finished it with some great trim.

Then I added this lil baby in the shower area-
Thought it would be fun for our overnight guest as they step into the shower to see a vinyl below the window. I think it added just that little something to fill the empty space between the window and the shower area.

Then I made a simple floral arrangement with some goods picked up from Hobby Lobby (In my opinion they have the best selections of dried florals if you are ever in the market to create something of your own) Transferred this bronze cross from the loft area to the bath and hung a candle wall sconce.
Added a basket to the counter that houses soaps and lotions for our guest and then changed out the towel rack from the boring builders grade silver thing to a pretty bronze scrolly one that I found at HL (big surprise I know)

To complete the sink area I added molding around the mirror and in my opinion that was the one thing that really took the bathroom up a notch. The molding was so easy to use!!! I used a brand called 'Mirror Edge'; you can find it at Home Depot or on line (although I scored mine at Lowes when it was on clearance and got it for cheap :) When I found it on clearance I horded it...I purchased molding for all 3 baths in our home and I'm so glad I did because it looks awesome and is so easy to install.

On the other wall in the bath, I took down the builder cheapo silver towel bar and spray painted it an antique bronze color, added some towels that I whipped up by adding left over trim and material from the shower curtain, finished the towels with a pretty tassel I scored on clearance a few years ago, and then added A LOT of candles to add to the ambiance of this room.

All of the candles I used on this shelf in the bath or those electric candles that are all the rage right now. I figured that was the safer way to go so if a someone accidentally hits the shelf the house won't catch on fire. On 2 of the large pillar candles I dressed them up by adding burlap and some scraps of the left over fabric from the shower curtain ,tied some jute around the candle, and then finished it with an antique button.

So happy to get this baby finished :)...Now on to the other 2 baths in our home


Filleman Family said...

seriously girl - amazing! I have been hearing about your plans for that bathroom for a long time and the final result is great. you have a gift.

Paula said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I can't even believe it's the same room! Great job!