Monday, November 16, 2009

3rd. trimester

It's official, I'm in my 3rd. trimester of pregnancy (although from some stuff I've read I hit this mark last week). Today I am officially 28 weeks prego!!! It is with great anticipation that David and I eagerly await for our new arrival to enter into our lives in just 12 weeks- Lord willing of course. It is truly difficult to comprehend that our dream of becoming parents is on the verge of becoming a reality. We have waited and prayed for this for so long that it is a bit difficult to grasp that it indeed it is no longer a dream but a reality of our lives- we are going to have a daughter, a sweet baby, a marvelous gift from God.

Inquiring minds from Cali. have all been asking about my growing belly so I thought I would share an up to date belly pic- This is it...28 weeks prego and growing-
Praise God!

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Heidi Marie said...

Sweet picture Heather!