Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm back....

I'm finally back from 'blogging hiatus'. For the past few weeks I feel like I've crawled into a hole but now I'm back.

Well, I guess I should clarify; as many of you know, I was put on bed rest after the car accident that was then followed by 2 heavy bleeding episodes. As you can imagine bleeding while pregnant is not normal and it had us pretty scared and concerned (the bleeding is due to a subchorionic hemorrhage that surfaced 2 days after the car accident). We have whole heartedly been placing our trust in the Lord knowing that He is in control of all things and this obstacle/challenge in our lives was no different. The Lord has revealed so many things to us in this season in our lives but most importantly how extremly Blessed we are to be surrounded by an awesome church and fellow believers. The prayers that have been lifted up on our behalf overwhelms us! The out reach that so many of you have offered is amazing; the phone calls, the meals delivered, the offers of vehicle transportation, just everything has left us amazed. We are humbled that the Lord would surround us with such amazing people- Thank You!

One of the many people who instantly offered support to us was our parents. My parents graciously offered to travel out to AZ to be with us and after the 2nd. bleeding episode we decided to take them up on the offer. My mama came out and spent 2 weeks with us here in AZ- it was so great having her here...Thanks mama, I love you! There is nothing a girl needs more when she is hurt or in pain then the hug of her mama or papa. My poor dad so desperatly wanted to be here too but he had to man the fort at home with the fur balls and of course go to work. One of the great blessings of having my mom here was that it just so happened she was here to spend my bday with me-

Check out these delicious Snickerdoodle cupcakes she made me- Yummy!

And look at these 2- the most lovely rendition of Happy Birthday you have ever heard!

My bday was so sweet this year- I truly had so much to be thankful for...most of all for life- My life, the people I get to share my life with, and the amazing life growing inside of me-I can't wait to spend my bday with our sweet little girl next year...holding her in my arms and not just in my belly :)
God is good!


Jason and Lisa said...

Happy birthday! You are looking so cute!!!

The Martins said...

This cracks me up- it's mostly a blog post about your mom and your birthday and there are more 'belly' shots than anything else! It's easy to tell how excited you guys are about this new baby girl coming!
Happy Birthday (and happy fall to you to! I share your sentiments!)

Theresa said...

Yay! I get so excited for this baby girl! Truly a picture of God's grace extended to you...and your trust and faithfulness through really hard times! Praise God! And I'm glad your mom got to be here; super fun!