Tuesday, May 5, 2009


In my attempt to be a better 'blogger', I thought I would take advantage of these few free minutes I have before my hubby walks in the door and hop on and blog :). Admittedly I don't have anything new or exciting to report....just an ordinary day (wake up, work, come home, cook, walk the dogs, and go to bed just to do it all again tomorrow) I'm not complaining...in fact, today I've been reflecting on what a blessing it is that David and I both have jobs to wake up and go to.

Since I don't have much to share, I thought I would share one of my latest Uppercase Living projects-
I love this expression! We have it hanging in our kitchen nook and it's such a great reminder of the Faith we have in Jesus Christ- a perfect addition to our nook with the Lords Prayer written in the background.

Hope you've been having a Blessed week!


sandi said...

Hi Heather
Remember a looong time ago you gave me a blog award. Well I finally gave it to 7 other fun blogs. I almost forgot about it. I wanted you to know that you were mentioned on my blog and that I really love all the things you have done in your new home. I would love to come by and see you sometime when you are free. Call me. Sandi

sandi said...

my url didn't work. let me try again.

Becky said...

I think I need to order some stuff.....I am loving vinyl art right now!

Dedra Long said...

Very inspirational sayings and quotes Heather!
Everything looks wonderful in your home!
Have a great weekend!

nikkinix said...
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nikkinix said...

After 2 failed IVF attempts, we changed doctors and had a rare procedure called an IVIg transfusion - both with fresh samples and we now have a beauuuutiful baby girl :) My prayers are with you both and I *know* you will soon be blessed.

only... if you are interested, it's no longer public under my profile but served me and my sanity very well - http://ugot2bekidding.blogspot.com/

disa said...