Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Out with the Old, in with the New

Happy New Years my friends!!! I am so sorry that I have been such a bad blogger recently; I have been incredibly busy but never the less, that's no excuse. However I do have one very viable excuse for my absence- We here at the Mellstrom household have been technologically deprived! You may recall that a few weeks back we had some major issues with our Dell desktop..well our handy dandy 5 year old Dell laptop came to save the day (at least gave us a means to connect to the internet and allow me to utilize photoshop) well last weekend our knight in shining armor who came to save the day just a week and a half prior decided that he too would join the Dell desktop on 'other side' the non working side. So in a nut shell we've had a new camera and computer (all around 1 year old) die on us, as well as an older laptop. When you own 2 computers it never crosses your mind that both may be on the brink at the same time....it's then and only then that you suddenly realize you can not live without your computer. We still have yet to have our cable hooked up at the new house, but tv I can live without but not my computer. Well, my dear sweet hubby took me to the Apple store last night and this is what we came home with....
****Mac Book****
This is a new found love in our lives; we've owned for less then 24 hours but already we are in smitten! After NO luck owning Dell computers we had previously decided that when the time came for us to purchase a new computer we were going to spend the $$ and buy an Apple (besides we have never met anyone who owns an apple and has anything bad to say). Yes, it is certainly going to take some adjusting to our new addition but nothing that a few one on one classes at the Apple store can't take care of :)- Hubby made sure to invest in the $99 one on one sessions for me so I can learn every gadget and gismo of plenty on this new baby. With all of this being said, I now hope to stay up to par on my blogging and my crafting...with the move, the holidays, and everything else going on I haven't crafted in almost a month- I'm having some serious withdrawals you all!!!

Well Happy New Years my friends- I pray this coming year will bring forth amazing Blessings for you and yours!

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