Monday, January 26, 2009

A heartfelt Thanks..

A huge heartfelt thank you to all of you who kept me in your thoughts and prayers last week as I went into surgery. I am so thankful to report that the surgery went extremly well and my recovery has been beyond speedy. I truly can not express how thankful I am to all of you; the many notes and well wishes many of you sent were overwhelming and I am beyond are the best!

Although life has been a bit chaotic recently I had to find some time to create and this is what I've been up to. We have had this old chest sitting around collecting dust for some time now and well it was time for a little transformation {Here is a before} Can you tell it's been around for a very long time...LOL
And here is the after... I am just thrilled with the way it turned out. It's amazing what a little paint and some fabulous vinyl can to do.


Filleman Family said...

I never ceased to be amazed by you . . . I don't have one ounce of your creativity. But I do want some of your stick on stuff.

FibreJunky said...

So glad to hear the surgery went well. Welcome back!

sandi said...

Hi Heather
I love love love that trunk! I wish I could find one like that to alter. Great job

Anonymous said...

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Bonnie said...

So glad you are feeling better!! Love the chest makeover! Saw your post on the Power of Paint!