Monday, December 8, 2008

Tag, I'm It...

I've been tagged by my sweet friend Natalie So here it goes:

7 Random Facts about me
* Many of you know that I worked at Disneyland for many years portraying Disney princess' but I bet you didn't know that my first part was Gus and Jacques from Cinderella (true story ;)And I must admit, it's much more fun being a princess then a rat!
* I can't stand the site or smell of sour kraut- gross!
* I've never broken a bone or had a sprain (hopefully the good Lord keeps it that way)
* I still 'snuff' on my blankets (just like a did when I was a little girl)
* I have a callus on my eyeball (Just like you get on your hands- the Dr. said I got it because I have such big eyes)
* One time when I was portraying Ariel (The Little Mermaid) in a parade my sea shell fell off!And I still have a set of my shells-'s a secret.
* I can't drive in the snow; I've only attempted it once but I couldn't even make it up the drive way at my aunt and uncles house (and this is AZ snow we're talking about) I had to get out of the car and David had to drive ;)

Now my turn to tag...Sandi,Heidi,Michelle,Theresa,Cindy. Tag your it ladies :)

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