Monday, November 17, 2008


As the Thanksgiving holiday quickly approaches, I reflect on so many Blessings that I am more then thankful for. Many changes have been taking part in my life recently and although at times I'm scared, I'm grateful to the Lord for these changes. It's almost as if my life is changing just as the color of the leaves outside are changing (even though we don't have leaves that change color here in AZ..I can only imagine the beauty that many of you are seeing in other areas of the world- and I am envious of that). My prayer for all of you is quite simple: I pray that as the hustle and bustle of the holiday season envelopes us you are able to reflect on the Blessings of your life- Life is to short to not reflect on the people whom we are Thankful for.

Today I thought I would share an ornament I recently created for our fall tree here at home- I must say I was proud of myself that I actually dug into my stash and used items that have been sitting around for over a year now collecting dust-LOL. Those who know me well, know that I adore collecting 'stuff' for future projects and then it has a propensity to sit around in my stash for a very long time..I'm trying to change that. Anyhow, I snatched these Martha Stewart paper mache acorns up after Christmas last year and thought they would make a perfect addition to our fall tree dressed in some fall adornments.

PS- A huge thank you to all who stopped by and left comments for Unity's Hip Hop last Thurs. I loved reading everyone's comments!! Oh, the lucky winner of some new rubba for their stamp collection is Ms. Kelly B- Congrats Kelly!! With so many of you leaving comments, it was so difficult to choose; I decided to select the person who had left the 41st. comment since Christmas was 41 days from that day.


Maynes-Watt-Hayes Family said...

Really cute ordainment! I love all the changing leave too!

Theresa said...

Wow! You are truly talented! (Something I am NOT!) I envy girls like you! ;)