Sunday, November 2, 2008


My oh my...I can not believe that it's already November!!!! I hope you all are enjoying the splendor of the season. Autumn is amongst my favorite seasons, although we don't get much of an autumn season here in AZ so I guess you can say that I imagine that it's fall outside although in reality it's still in the high 90's. In fact, as I am writing this it just occurred to me that my longing for autumn probably has something to do with the fact that every nook and cranny in our home is filled with pumpkins, fall leaves, and many other items reminiscent of this fabulous season(If I can't get autumn outside, I'll certainly have it inside!!) :) Some of you may recall that back in early September I mentioned that our Christmas tree came out of hiding and is standing proudly in it's dedicated spot between the living room and dining room area of our home. I have not shared a picture yet
..Although now that it's November and we're only 52 days from Christmas I thought that now would be a great time to share my new found delight in decorating our Christmas tree for the autumn season-

So, What do you think? I must say that I absolutely love having our Christmas tree out and decorated with fall musings- simply put, it makes me happy :). Not to mention many of the trick-or-treaters who stopped by our home on Fri. were quite surprised to see a Christmas tree greeting them at our home.

Well, I hope this finds you and yours enjoying the many Blessings of the season..Happy November!


Heidi Marie said...

This is your house? Decorated? Okay you are now my new favourite person. Heather; God has given you such an amazing talent. Thankfully He has shared you with Grace and with our group:0)

Lisa said...

What a fab idea to have your tree out early and decorated in all its fall glory. Your home looks so warm and inviting.