Monday, September 10, 2007

Bye, Bye Bugs!!!!!!!!!

It's been a few days since my last blog update.....since that last entry 3 more scorpions have been found and one very large/ugly spider. Before we left for Calif. we had found 4 baby scorpions in the house in the course of 1 week (needless to say I was ready to get out of here and head to Calif. for vacation)Upon our return Tues. evening David was awakened by Coco kitty who was meowing and facing off one very large scorpion (so we thought) in the hallway. Coco is a great bug hunter by the way..thank goodness we have her! Anyhow, after finding this large 'thing' in the hallway David decided that we better pay the $$$ and have the house sprayed- Thank Goodness he came to this decision! You can bet that first thing Wed. morning I was on the phone setting up an appt. for the bug people to come out and spray. The appt. was set for Mon (today) and between that time we found 2 more large that was already dead under the dining room table (we think Coco killed it) and another large dead one out in the garage by the Christmas boxes. Today could not come fast enough.....Well in short, we are now bug sprayed (they sprayed both inside the house and out) and we're crossing our fingers that this will help A LOT because frankly we are done with these bugs....especially the scorpions. oh, totally forgot- David had placed 2 of our house guest that we found in a jar so we could show them to the bug guys if necessary (the jar is pictured) Anyhow, it turns out the enormous thing was not a scorpion but a sun spider- YUCK!! I guess they won't harm you but boy are they ugly...I had to include a picture so you can all can envision what life has been like in the Mellstrom household the past few weeks.Anyone care to visit????

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Jennifer and Kim said...

Uhhh...that's a big NO to visiting your house at the moment. I hate bugs in every shape, size, and form! Happy belated B-day!