Thursday, August 16, 2007


Well today was the day....Sonoran Living take 2 (as in it was my second time as a guest on the show). It was great!! I must say, I felt much more relaxed then last time. This time I did a demo on creating an altered canvas....pictured in my last post. I had 7 minutes for my demo and everything went pretty smoothly accept for the fact that my paper was giving me a difficult time sticking to the canvas. All in all it was a great day.....I'm super tired and sleepy because as most of you know I'm not a morning person by any means and days that I go on the show I have to be up at 6am :(....I'll probably be getting to bed early tonight but first I have to clean- BF comes out from Calif. to dust, vacuum, and all that other fun stuff-
*PS* I look like such a giant next to Stephanie Sandoval (The Sonoran Living Live host)

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melissa said...

I saw you! and you did an amazing job :D

BTW-congrats again on your ST wedding toot!! so happy for you